Make More Money Per Click

Increase your revenues by 100%+

Looking to monetize your remnant, geo-redirect or exit traffic?

At Monetizer we challenge our clients to find a solution that provides a higher eCPM than ours.

Monetizer is a one stop shop helping publishers, traffic sources & networks monetize their global untargeted mobile and web inventory. We have built a portfolio of extremely optimized exclusive campaigns in 150+ countries. Once you plug into our platform our proprietary algorithm “vAuto®” will start analysing your traffic to ensure we deliver you the highest earnings per click possible.

A Unique Self-Serve Platform

Exercize full control over your campaigns with real time statistics and verbose reporting options.

The "vAuto®" Algorithm

"vAuto®" predicts which campaign is most likely to convert for each individual click, based on an array of parameters.

Full Link Control

Allows you to cherry pick campaigns you want to run or block for specific GEOs.

At Monetizer we offer a variety of different promotion methods including mobile redirects, popups, direct links and our unique back button script. These are all ready to go by simply copying & pasting the code on to your site. We also offer search engine friendly revisions.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm will detect your visitors country, operating system, carrier, and a multitude of other characteristics before routing them to the best available campaign in order to make you the most money possible!

So what's it all about?

It’s the value of bringing technology and performance marketing together. We delight partners by creating revenue, driving engagement, and breeding consumer insight, bringing advertisers of all sizes into the world’s most innovative monetization platform.

Our Mission

Deliver mobile and web inventory owners the highest earnings per click.

Monetizer is a leading monetization platform, dedicated to monetizing mobile and web traffic.

With a growing range of over 3000 offers, we've created a marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers directly and effectively, amplifying their monetization and distribution efforts.

Monetizer offers publishers a wide range of development tools catered to their needs.

With top exclusive advertisers on board, we serve over 7 billion app requests per month, in 150+ countries, with 350 million users, and dozens of media partners.

The Monetizer team is comprised of experienced performance marketers, dedicated statistical analysts, and veteran software engineers. The end result is a not only an extremely effective monetization service but a reliable, efficient, powerhouse of a tracking system, with hundreds of hours of focus invested in user interface experience.

It’s an easy decision! We take care of…

  • Building campaigns from scratch
  • Generating exclusive deals with advertisers
  • Designing the best converting landing pages
  • Setting up an insanely fast tracking platform
  • Monetizing 150+ countries
  • Sending you weekly payments
  • Making sure you make the most money per click

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What our partners have to say about us...

"Working with the monetizer team has been amazing. On top of quick response time, changing links and redirects based on any specific publishers needs to make sure that we make the most of our redirect traffic without jeopardizing any of our publishers domains or traffic sources. The algorithm the team has put together to fit EVERY click to the highest producing ECPM offer has truly been a blessing. They've made a product that makes redirect traffic work FOR you rather than against."
Camren Majors, F5 Media
"I was shocked when we first launched Monetizer. The technology is amazing, as it monetizes traffic we have really struggled with in the past. YeahMobi has just got started with Monetizer and we are already very excited to see how things develop!"
Bert Xia, YeahMobi

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